shaan sachdev

what i'm reading

Men in Dark Times

by Rebecca Panovka, Harper’s

Death Drives

by Peter C. Baker, The New York Review of Books

Why Did You Throw Stones?

by Rachel Kushner, n+1

The Nakba Demands Justice

by Kaleem Hawa, Jewish Currents

Magic Actions

by Tobi Haslett, n+1

The Algebra of Infinite Justice

by Arundhati Roy, The Guardian

The Crow Whisperer

by Lauren Markham, Harper's

Why I Write

by Joan Didion, Literary Hub

I, Phone

by Choire Sicha, The New York Review of Books

How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel

by Nathan J. Robinson, Current Affairs

Wanting Bad Things: Andrea Long Chu responds to Amia Srinivasan

by Andrea Long Chu, Anastasia Berg, The Point

Campaign Literature

by Thomas Chatterton Williams, Harper's

The Left’s Culture War Rebranding

by Shant Mesrobian, American Affairs

Saying Good-by to Hannah

by Mary McCarthy, The New York Review of Books

Wednesday's Other Story

by Matt Taibbi, TK News

McKinsey & Company: Capital’s Willing Executioners

by Anonymous, Current Affairs

All My Pronouns: How I learned to live with the singular 'they'

by Anne Fadiman, Harper's

This Critic and This Gin and These Shoes

by Gore Vidal, The New York Review of Books

The Company She Keeps

by Mary McCarthy, Harcourt Brace & Co.